Ribe Floods and Black Sun

Ribe Floods

Here are a few more photos from Ribe. Tomorrow it will be Roskilde again.
Ribe is protected by dikes. It has not always been so. Take a look at the "floods-marker". 1634 the water was near the top, which means very high water compared to the river (Ribe Å) as is seen. The lamppost gives a reference.
The mark is seen underneath.

Ribe 1634

At this time of the year a naturephenomenon is taking place. Before it is dark a lot of starlings are flying to their place for the night - at the same time. It is called "Sort sol" or "Black Sun". I have seen a million mentioned. Suddenly I saw some starlings outside the window, the show continued for some time and I managed to get some shots, not very sharp, but here is one.

Sort sol

If you want to see better photos please google "Sort sol" and images.


Steffe said...

Quite a spectacle!

And an interesting read as well.

Leif Hagen said...

I see one of your newest blog followers is Kristen Soli - she lives near you. She and I went to St. Olaf College and took some French classes together! Small world!