Roskilde By Night–The Beginning of 2014

Nytårsaften 2013

All the best for 2014.


Last Day 2013

Blik mod Ramsømagle

The sun is shining this last day in 2013, here between Gadstrup and Ramsømagle.

My phone tells me it is New Years Eve the whole day.

Alle the best for today and 2014.


A Boat After Storm?

Roskilde havn

In the first week of december, we had a storm called Bodil in Denmark. The water in Roskilde Fjord was 2,06 meter higher than normal.

Is the boat at the grass an effect of that storm? I don’t know, but why should it be there if not. The little photo is from nearly the same position long before the water peaked december 6th.

Højvande i Roskilde Fjord


Merry Christmas from Roskilde Daily Photo

Christmastree in Roskilde

Merry Christmas everyone who celebrates these days. This is one of the Christmastrees in Roskilde, standing at Hestetorvet.


Christmas in Roskilde

Christmas in Roskilde

Algade in Roskilde at a grey day.


Storm and Storm Surge December 6th and 7th 2013

Højvande i Roskilde Fjord

A long lasting storm has passed Denmark and the surrounding countries a few days ago. A lot of damage, including damage caused by storm surge at many places, are seen. Many high-water records are noticed. Roskilde Fjord peaked 2,06 meter over normal. My photos was taken at 10 AM friday, but later it was a lot worse.

Højvande i Roskilde Fjord

The Viking Ship Museum to the left was under pressure from the water and precautions was taken. At the museum homepage there are several photos and a short video, see Viking Ship Museum. Later the museum was surrounded by water.


Roskilde Cathedral seen from Bognæs


A few more photos from Bognæs are to be seen here.


Heavy Storm Over Denmark

Stormfældet træ

A  heavy storm has hit Denmark today. This tree in Roskilde could not stand against natures forces.


Roskilde Fjord

Roskilde Fjord

It would have been nice to be the owner of a boat the other day. The weather was lovely – sunshine and no wind.


Snoldelev ends here


Snoldelev is a small village in Roskilde. This is how it looks when you are leaving Snoldelev heading west. The signs tells you that you can drive a little faster.




The other day I met this little bull when I was walking at the Path of the Gods.


Pumpkins For Sale

Pumpkins for decoration

These pumpkins for decoration are not Halloween-coloured.



G. Vor Frue Kirke Roskilde

Today the weather should have been grey with lots of rain. Instead the sun shined tis morning in Roskilde. Here is a look at Fruegade with Gammel Frue Kirkes tower to the left.


Snoldelev Church

Snoldelev kirke

Snoldelev kirke

Sometimes we take a walk called “Around Snoldelev” Thats a walk of a little more than an hour and 7700 steps. To day – for the first time – my wife and I went into the churchyard. It was a good experience, nice and quiet, sitting on a bench for a short time, we enjoyed the sun and the place.

Snoldelev church is from around 1100.