The daily walk often goes to Ramsømagle, but sometimes also through that small village. The other day the sun was shining, the wind was somewhere else and the temperature around 0 degree celsius. It was excellent weather to go for a walk. I discovered a small lake I never before have seen in Ramsømagle. In the village there are many trees and it is a kind of charming place to be.


Long shadows

Long shadows
Yesterday the light was very fine and the shadows long, which is seen at this view over the landscape between Gadstrup and Ramsømagle.


The Yellow Castle Roskilde

The Yellow Castle
This is a part of the yellow castle in Roskilde next to the cathedral. The building is used as museum of contemporary art.


Old Shop in Roskilde

Roskilde Museum
A part of Roskilde Museum is this old daily shop selling everyday goods to local peolpe. It still does. And to the tourists.
Young people learn how the old days was, and not so young people can reexperience the good old days.


The farmers land and some of his work

Farmers land in Gadstrup
Today is another grey day in Roskilde - grey in grey as such days are called in Denmark. The decision is to use 3 photos from August 23, 2009. That day was the last day of Roskilde Airshow 2009, and I had my camera with me walking around in Gadstrup.
First I saw this motive of the farmers land.
Then I heard a noise, but I couldn't see anything because of the little hill, but
What is the farmer doing?
suddenly I could see what was hidden, and then
The farmer is spreading dung
I could see more. The farmer was spreading dung on his land.


A view from my window

A view from my window
Today, at the middle of the day, the sun is shining in Gadstrup, Roskilde. It is nice to see the light again. The photo show my view from a window in the house. The birch belongs to one of the neighbours.


A Star in my Window

Star in the window
Today a lot of rain falls over Denmark, it is a very dark day...instead of going out to take a photo I use this one of a handmade star taken a sunny day in december.


Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas

With this not quite upright christmastree outside the local supermaket in Gadstrup, I wish to say happy holidays and/or Merry Christmas to everyone.



Yesterday a snowstorm hit Denmark. This photo is taken with my mobilephone when I stopped a moment to do it. It is between Viby Sjælland and Ramsømagle. Today some of the snow has gone as temperature has increased to +0 Celsius.


Skomagergade or Shoemakerstreet in Roskilde

Skomagergade in December
In Skomagergade or Shoemakerstreet there are some shoe-shops, but none shoemakers any more.
Before Christmas you will see festoons over the streets in many cities in Denmark. How they look in Roskilde is seen at the photo.


Wintersky seen from my window

Wintersky from my window
Yesterday morning the sun nearly broke through the clouds - it looked like this. It still is cold in Denmark.



Here is the last picture this time from Ramsødalen as seen from the birdstower...



Here is the small village Brordrup as seen from yesterdays Birdtower.


Birdstower in Ramsødalen

At different places in Roskilde you will find a tower from which you can watch birds, in danish it is a "fugletårn" (Birdstower). In Ramsødalen you find many different birds, which can be seen from the tower.


Winter in Roskilde

Winter in Gadstrup
Today it is winter in Denmark, and going out I see what the photo show. We have got some snow, but not nearly as much as other parts of Denmark. It is cold outside.


Christmastrain at end- or startstation

Christmastrain at Stændertorvet
The little christmastrain in Roskilde has its beginning- and endpoint at the Stændertorvet, which is the central square in Roskilde.


Cristmastrain in Roskilde

Christmastrain in Roskilde
Every year in december a little train is to be seen in Roskilde. It seems to be fun for the children and adults reexperiencing their childhood.


Gadstrup Church

Gadstrup Church
Sunday was the sun shining - and the church in Gadstrup was to be seen like this.


Selling Christmas Trees

The scouts are selling Christmas trees at many places in Roskilde (municipality). Here it is in Gadstrup at the local supermarket at this sunny december sunday.


Museum Train At Roskilde Station

Museum Steam Train at Roskilde Railway Station
Today at Roskilde Railway Station there was an old Steamtrain - with a Christmastree at the front. It is a museumtrain.
Many people could think back to the good old days or see how it was many years ago.
My camera was at home - but I used the camera in my mobilephone...


Danish Agro in Gadstrup

Danish Agro
A little sunshine to day made it possible to get another light at the motives. Here is Danish Agros different buildings in Gadstrup. Arriving at Roskilde the sun was hidden again...


The Old City Hall Roskilde

The old City Hall
At Stændertorvet - the central square in Roskilde - you find The City Hall. A new, much bigger is under construction somewhere else. The Christmas Tree is seen at this photo, taken at a dark day in december.


Feeding birds in Roskilde

Feeding birds
The birds at the small lakes in Folkeparken in Roskilde seems to be very hungry - maybe none has feed them since last winter. My 5 year old grandchild does still find it amusing to giv them bread...


Lakes in Folkeparken

In Folkeparken (PeoplePark) you will find 4 or 5 small lakes, all at different levels, meaning water flows from one lake to the next. Often you will find a lot of birds at the upper lake expecting to get some bread.


Algade in Roskilde

From Hestetorvet you will soon be at Algade, a pedestrian street with cycling allowed. Ofcourse the goods to the shops has to be delivered.


Roskildekrukkerne at Hestetorvet

Roskildekrukkerne på Hestetorvet
After arriving at Roskilde station you very soon will get an impressiv view of three big jars, the Roskildejars by Peter Brandes. They are placed at Hestetorvet. My 5 year old grandchild is sitting ind front of the jars, giving an impression of their magnitude.
The building to the left is Roskilde Station.


Train at Gadstrup Station

Train at Gadstrup Station
The trains serving the public at the line Roskilde - Næstved are not modern. They look like the train at the photo. Waiting at the station to go to Roskilde means you will see the train coming from Roskilde heading for Køge and Næstved. The trains are crossing each other at the next station.


Gadstrup Railway Station

Gadstrup Station
Let me get this blog about the city of Roskilde in Denmark and the municipality of Roskilde started today. I am living in the most southern part of this very long municipality with 80.000 inhabitants.
Sometimes I go to Roskilde by train. Gadstrup Railway Station is the local and last station before Roskilde.
You see it at the photo on a grey day of december.
Welcome to this blog.