Many years ago I noticed a defintion of what makes a decision, which I never forget. Simply a decision is a choice between at least two possibilities. I draw the decision as a Y. But as the photo shows, red arrows illustrates it very well. A decision always have consequences. Here you will come to Brordrup if you turn left or stay in Gadstrup is you turn right.



We have got 15 cm. snow last night. That means a lot of work to remove the snow so traffic of all kinds again is possible. Here is Carsten - one of the neighbours - working with a snow-throw-away-machine. His car to the left is very much covered by snow.


Iceboat at Roskilde Fjord

Iceboat at Roskilde Fjord
This year we have a long - unusual long - period with frost day and night. There is of course much ice, also at Roskilde Fjord. Some people enjoy sailing iceboats, but not when I was there. Here is one parked iceboat.


Ships in Roskilde Harbour

Ships in Roskilde Harbour
Not all ships are taken out of the water this winter. The large ones are probably too big to take ashore.


Spider's Web and Snow

Spiderweb with snow
This spider's web has been outside our window for a rather long time, but invisible. Today it was discovered. The snow drifting around in the wind was stopped by the spider's web - and it is now on ww-web.


Boats Parked

Boat Parking
Boats - many of them - are lifted out of the water in wintertimes and placed at many of the parkingplaces used by tourists visiting Roskilde Harbour at summertimes to take a look at the vikingships. The water at Roskilde Fjord is frozen and some photos will follow the next days


Cleaning Machine

Cleaning Machine
In Roskilde I saw this little green machine at a street today. I guess he was looking for snow to handle...


Danish Mailbox

If you are visiting Denmark and want to send a letter to someone somewhere, just look for such red mailboxes. The text tells that money in letters is not allowed!


Roskilde 1012 Years

Roskilde 1000 Years
I found these stamps in a drawer. The stamp is celebrating the year Roskilde was 1000 years old as a city. I was in 1998. Simple calculation tells that Roskilde is founded in 998. Well, it is not as old as..., but more than 1000 years is a certain age. On the stamps you see Roskilde Cathedral (Roskilde Domkirke), and at the see a Vikingship, maybe onto a vingking raid to England, Normandy or just shopping a little in Sweden.


Crossroads and red light

Crossroads and red light
The other day I was driving to Roskilde by car and had to stop at this red light. This photo is an example of another rather dark day in Denmark...


Cycle-parking or

Cycle-parking or
Modern cycle-parking or buy and throw away or hoping mother-society will clean up or stolen bikes churchyard? Don't know. But I don't like what I see.


A Dark Day

Dark winterday
Today is without much light, it is greyish and snow is expected. Here is a lot of wind and it is "bitterly cold" at the moment.


Distance to Roskilde from Copenhagen

This stone - a so called kilometre-stone - is standing at the City Hall Square in Copenhagen. The distance to Roskilde is 30 kilometre, and to Ringsted twice as much - if you follow the old road. Some day I will take a photo of such a stone in Roskilde.
If you want to see the stone with the Copenhagen City Hall as background, the link is here.


Photo of the Year 2009

In this connection I have decided the photo of the pigeon is my photo of 2009.
3 seconds before the pigoen flew from a tree. I like this photo because of the body language of the pigeon. It is as if the head is turned a little and the eye looks directly at me. I know pigoens don't think, but here it looks like the bird is thinking: Does he shoot me or is he just shooting me.
Or - what do you think the pigoen thinks?
Here is a link to the photo taken the moment the pigeon left the tree.

Here is the link to other photos of the year: Click here to view thumbnails for all participants



Do you notice the day you are something and half a year? I do, most likely because one of my childhood playmates was born half a year before me. Today she is 67. Congratulations.
As always I remember this today, and I am now 66½ years. In two months time I pass 2/3 og 100 years. Hm. Enjoy life!


Blackbird and lamppost

Blackbird and lamppost
This photo from my achives is from april 2009. The lamppost is standing just outside my house, the blackbird was sitting on it, I focused and hoped to get a picture when the bird flew. This was the result.


Red Arrows at Roskilde Airshow 2009

Red Arrows
Near Roskilde you find Roskilde Airport. Every second year an Airshow is arranged, and the last few times I have taken som photos standing in my garden. In 2009 was a 30 minute show made by RAF Red Arrows. It was noisy and powerful that show. If interested you are welcome to look at more photos at Airshow.


Tour de Denmark 2009

Tour de Denmark
A photo from the archives. Every year - just after Tour de France - a race though Denmark goes on. Very often there is goal in Roskilde the day before it ends in Copenhagen. In 2009 the race came to Gadstrup - and after long waiting the show was over in few seconds. Only one or two of the bikers seems to enjoy what they are doing - they smile.


The shadows are still long

Shadows are still long
Just before New Year the fields were green and the shadows long. They are still long, but a little shorter as the day now is longer.
The fields are not green now, but white. You can look far away, and at this photo you see smoke from a very big chimney in Roskilde. It is to the left of the shadows. The distance is around 9 kilometers. A lot of garbage is burned and produces hot water and warm to the city.


Blackbird in the Garden

Blackbird in the Garden
I have heard that about  80% of all blackbirds will die this winter. I have seen one or two in the garden and hopefully they enjoy the fat placed in a "birdfeedinghouse".


Only Roof

Only roof

In Denmark we have no mountains. The highest point is at the bridge connecting Sjælland to Fyn. When I visit higher places somewhere I like to look at the roofs of the buildings underneath. This was the association yesterday as I saw the roofs in Roskilde, but not the walls.


My Girl

My girl

Danish Rail (DSB) has placed posters at the stations. The rail is marketing the rail - and of course the rail stress the environmental benefits of using the train. We are told that "all have to join" (Alle skal gå med), but "some must take the front" (Nogen skal gå forrest).
But - what I noticed, was the grafitti - someone has spraypainted MY GIRL (Miin pige). He has used two ii to underline the message insted of one (min pige).



Train from Roskilde to Næstved

Train to Næstved

The weather in Denmark devides the country in two parts. In Jutland a lot of snow falls, in fact there is a snowstorm. Here in Roskilde we have much less wind and snow - and the train passing Gadstrup 100 meters away on the way to Næstved, is on time.


Danish Farm in Ramsømagle

Danish farm
This farm is in Ramsømagle. The photo is taken before the actual winterweather.



Yesterday I was eating a piece of plumcake. Suddenly I saw the light through some of the ingredients - resulting in this photo...


Snow and summerdreams

Snow and summerdreams

Today temperature is below 0 degrees celsius. It is snowing. At may pc is a slideshow of photos running. Here you get an impression of the view from my window and on the computer. I like Austria at summertimes.


Happy 2010 and change illustrated with eclipse of the moon

Change illustrated with partly eclipse of the moon

Welcome to 2010, the last year in the first decennium or the first year of the second decade (as you prefer) of the first century in the third mellennium.

A few hours before midnight there was a partial eclipse of the moon in Roskilde. The shot symbolises constant change as the universe turns and turns...

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