Photo of the Year 2009

In this connection I have decided the photo of the pigeon is my photo of 2009.
3 seconds before the pigoen flew from a tree. I like this photo because of the body language of the pigeon. It is as if the head is turned a little and the eye looks directly at me. I know pigoens don't think, but here it looks like the bird is thinking: Does he shoot me or is he just shooting me.
Or - what do you think the pigoen thinks?
Here is a link to the photo taken the moment the pigeon left the tree.

Here is the link to other photos of the year: Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


Jilly said...

A beautiful shot of a pigeon in flight. I've no idea is the pigeon thinks but perhaps he's saying 'I wonder if this person has any bread?!'

Kate said...

Birds in flight are not easy to capture, but what a great photo! What's he thinking: Bombs away!!

Leif Hagen said...

Great capture of the pigeon! I think he was also saying, "God helg!" Nice choice for theme day!

Daily Chicago Photo said...

I think he is thinking "Darn, I let a photographer take my picture in flight. The Bird Police will fine me THAT offense!" Great capture!

Anonymous said...

Jeg tænker på sangen, som Björn Afzelius og Michael Wiehe lavede ;-)