Red Arrows at Roskilde Airshow 2009

Red Arrows
Near Roskilde you find Roskilde Airport. Every second year an Airshow is arranged, and the last few times I have taken som photos standing in my garden. In 2009 was a 30 minute show made by RAF Red Arrows. It was noisy and powerful that show. If interested you are welcome to look at more photos at Airshow.


Leif Hagen said...

Fantastic jet photos! I just hope you're not giving Danish military secrets away! Ha!

Leeds daily photo said...

Great photo. I have not seen the Red Arrows in quite a few years. When I was a boy in Oxfordshire they were based at Little Rissington quite close to where I lived and I used to see them often.
Paul Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo

valeria said...

Great photo! It must have been a spectacular show! I have seen the italian "Frecce tricolori" twice in my life, and it was absolutely breathtaking!