Snowdrops in snow
Standing at the station waiting for the train to Roskilde, a man in a car told us the train wouldn't come because of a bombthreat in Roskilde. Instead we took a local walk.
The snow is now melting and something has happend under the snow - the snowdrops has grown as seen today. Nice to see.


Houses in Roskilde

Houses in Roskilde
Walking at the path in Byparken from yeaterdays mill-stone to the Cathedral, a little curved sort of a hill is passed. Here you see some big houses in Roskilde - with a very fine view the other way.


More Maglekilde

After a few days off blogging, I am back. If you remember the last photo, it was The Large Spring delivering 15.000 l water pr. hour. Where is all that water running away? Well, of course it can run to Roskilde Fjord, and I think it is so, but not directly. The water is comming up through a hole in a mill-stone (given as a gift to Roskilde at its 1000 years "birthday"). You see the stone at the photo. After that the water runs to a little lake in Byparken (City Park), which won't freeze because of the running water. You see many birds in the water at the photo below.
A little lake


Maglekilde - The Large Spring

If you read the text at the photo below you will notice this spring is givning 15.000 litre of water pr. hour.


Swings and light

Swings and light
At the winterfestival you could have a swing at Hestetorvet - and change the light according to movements. Only three persons did actually some work at the moment.


A Culture-bus

I don't know what is inside this culture-bus, but it was parked at Stændertorvet at the winterfestival, Spirit & Knowledge.


Roskilde Cathedral

Roskilde Cathedral
This is Roskilde Cathedral in wintersunshine. In the church Danish Kings and Queens are buried the last 600 years.


Warming Roskilde

Warming up
In the last two days a new event, a new winterfestival called Ånd & Viden, Spirit & Knowledge, has taken place in Rsokilde. I was there before it was dark, but something was diffent. The intention was to warm Roskilde by coals. Here you see a man lightening the coals at Hestetorvet. The containers was placed every 50 meters.


The Wolf and The Goat

The Wolf and the Goat
Passing Roskilde Cathedral today I saw a wolf and a goat standing in a corner united to one...


Dyssegårdsvej in Gadstrup

This is a view from the top of Dyssegårdsvej in Gadstrup. Down the little hill is Ramsødalen, and in the rear a radar I guess.


Learning Traffic Behaviour

Learning Traffic Behavior
A kindergarden are using old tires to a very purpose. Roads has been build, signposts has been placed, and the kids has an excellent opportunity to learn good manners in the traffic. It dosn't seem too easy for many cardrivers and others...


Winterroads has to be salted

Cleaning of winterroads with salt
Roadsalt has nearly been used and sold out this winter. The other day this tractor with a salt-spreading-machine behind was seen in Gadstrup.


Farmboat Estrid

Farmboat Estrid
At wintertime the reconstructed vikingships are placed mainly on a long row in front of the Viking Ships Museum. This is a farmboat - and you find information at the next photo.
Farmboat Estrid
If the text is too small, click at the photo and then on all sizes...



The other day someone had something to celebrate - a birthday, a wedding, a silverwedding... - and signaled that using the danish flag, Dannebrog. It has been a danish symbol since 1219.



Snowstorm - once again - just outside the door.


The Local Bus

Today another snowstorm is hitting Denmark. This photo was shot a few days ago in better weather.


Theme Day - Wood

The Theme Day is wood. I have choosen two photos from the archives.
Wood under attack
Here is wood "under attack" in the nature.

Prins Carls stakit
This is Prins Carls plankeværk (Prince Carls hoarding). This construction is made of oak, it is 300 years old, and is still going strong and doing what it is meant to do - keeping the animals outside a park. The hole or perforation is a so called shooting-hole. Prince Carl was sitting behind and could put his gun through the hole and...bang. A few more photos of the hoarding, which is from Vemmetofte, can be seen here.

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