More Maglekilde

After a few days off blogging, I am back. If you remember the last photo, it was The Large Spring delivering 15.000 l water pr. hour. Where is all that water running away? Well, of course it can run to Roskilde Fjord, and I think it is so, but not directly. The water is comming up through a hole in a mill-stone (given as a gift to Roskilde at its 1000 years "birthday"). You see the stone at the photo. After that the water runs to a little lake in Byparken (City Park), which won't freeze because of the running water. You see many birds in the water at the photo below.
A little lake


Dina said...

That is great, having the water come through a mill stone and then to a bird pond! Fine pictures to show how the good idea works.

Leif Hagen said...

Nice winter scene - it seems to be a nice place to take a walk!
God helg!