Baunehøj near the Path of the Gods

If you have seen the last to photos, you have noticed the information of the path of the Gods. Here is the continuation.
When I was standing at the road to take a photo of Tornhøj, I shot the road in the direction towards west. You just see a little part Baunehøj where the road seems to end. Just at that point the village Øster Syv (øster = east, syv = seven) begins. You also see a church. This church is situated in the next village, Kirke Syv (Kirke = Church). The seven-part of the names follows of the seven hills at the area. It is a very old cultural and holy part of the southern part of Ramsødalen, which have rich soil and is good for agricultural life, as it has been many 1000 years.
Today I passed Baunehøj by car on my way to Sorø, but stopped a little too far from the hill. Another day I shall go closer to get a better photo and more information - and continue to the church.
Baunehøj has a special significance. The word "bavn" means a fire used as a signal, which could be seen far away. So - bavnhill is Baunehøj.

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