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Some time ago I showed a photo of a Culture-bus at the winterfestival in Roskilde. I was on my way somewhere else and didn't look inside the bus. Returning to that part of Roskilde I forgot all about the bus, but the comments made me search the internet for more information.
There are three busses in Roskilde with different purposes, but all based on the same intention: to meet the citizens localy where they are.
The Culture-bus is for children in kindergardens and schools and young people. If it is difficult for them to go to Roskilde, the bus with a particularly performance or other art goes to them.
The library bus at the photo - which yesterday was parked by the central library in Roskilde - makes it easy for people to take out books at places in the municipality with too great distance to one of the libraries.
The text at the bus means: Roskilde libraries. What do you want to know?
The third bus is a health-bus, which is parked at various places for some time. The citizens are invited inside to get information concerning health and get bloodpresure measured etc.
These busses are part of the service the municipality offers its citizens.
The comming days will show photos from inside Roskilde Cathedral.

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Dina said...

You have three nice services for the citizens.
I remember the library bus (Bookmobile) when I was a kid in Chicago. It was fun choosing a book from a limited, instead of an infinite, number of books.

Looking forward to the cathedral.