Mayor Poul Lindor Nielsen, Roskilde

Mayor Poul Lindor Nielsen, Roskilde
Mayor Poul Lindor Nielsen was yesterday telling the visiting citizens the story of the new City Hall, or new part of the City Hall. He called it The Bridge, which can be understood from the photo at the screens behind him. You can walk from the two old buildings to the other through the new one. It is now possible to have all administrative tasks of the municipality at the same place.


Dina said...

That is a fine idea, having all the services under "one" roof.
Very pretty too.

Leif Hagen said...

Congratulations to Roskilde on their lovely, new City Hall!

lewi14@gmail.com said...

It looks like a enormous big city hall for a city with around 47.000 inhabitants. Or there are other institutions too?

Jørgen Carlsen said...

Thanks for the comments. lewi14 - the old municipality of Roskilde had around 50.000 inhabitants. 1.1.2007 the number of municipalities in Denmark was reduced from around 300 to 100. That lead to "Roskilde kommune" with around 80000 inhabitants. It is twice the recommended size of danish municipalities if they should be most effecitive. The public sector of Denmark is enormous. Probably the largest in the world. We also have the hightest tax-pressure in the world.
It is difficult to change - and at the end all danes are supposed to work in the public services, I guess. The consequence will be no Denmark.

Jørgen Carlsen said...
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