Nordic Walking in Gadstrup


Here is Birgit, Birte, Jytte, Kirsten, Marianne, Ragnhild and Yrsa. Every monday they meet at 10 am to take a walk around Ramsøen. They practice Nordic Walking (Danish: Stavgang), enjoy the walkings, the fresh air and "talk and walk". They celebrate birthsdays together. The agespan is nearly 20 years - from 60 to 78.
The second photo is the beginning of todays walk, which last 1-2 hours.



Stefan Jansson said...

It's very popular in Sweden as well. But I normally see two or three people out together, not a big group like this. But the more the merrier I guess!

Gunn said...

A great street shot!
Sporty ladies!

Leif Hagen said...

Were you chasing them or were they chasing you?!

Julie said...

I like the idea of this. My group of six celebrate birthdays together but rarely do we walk together. We go to musicals together.