Poster Art in Roskilde

These weeks an exhibition of local poster art can be seen at Roskilde Bibliotek (Roskilde Central Library), where you find the Local History Archives. The posters - which I was permitted to show here - are from the period 1930 - 40. This one - without a year - is telling when the yearly Dyrskuet (Cattle Show, The Farmers Animal Exhibition - or, what is it called in English?) take place. You see the Cathedral in the background. The elderly farmer in the front makes an association to my grandfather with the slightly bended old legs in his rubber boots!


Julie said...

Yes, you have the English correct. Here in Australia we call them "Shows" and sometimes "Agricultural Shows". The biggest show is in Sydney and it is considered to bring the country to the city. It's full title is "The Sydney Royal Easter Agricultural Show". Only about a third is now about agriculture with a lot more now about side-show entertainments, which I find sad.

Leif Hagen said...

Jeg tykker om dansk spraket og forsokker lasa dette!
God helg, Jorgen!