Scaffold inside Roskilde Cathedral

Inside Roskilde Caathedral
The other day I visited the Cathedral. I knew there was a scaffold inside the church, because a re-liming (correct word?) is taking place. The lime-proces was last time done in 1972. Therefor the interior does not look as usual.
Roskilde Cathedral is on the UNESCO World Heritage List


Dina said...

I think you can say the church is being whitewashed (with whitewash).

Leif Hagen said...

It will be great when you show us your cathedral when the scaffolding is gone and the project is finished! It looks like a lovely cathedral!

Anonymous said...

The lighting is interesting. It's a modern design but looks lovely against the ancient church.

Anonymous said...

Jeg er enig med Leif Hagen; vil glæde mig til at se fotos af Domkirken, når restaurering er tilendebragt. Flotte billeder ;-)