Tornhøj at the Path of the Gods

Yesterdays photo was a road with a church far away, and I said that it had something to do with "The Path of the Gods". Tornhøj at todays photo is connected to that path and is placed a few meters from the road between Ramsømagle and Øster Syv.
Not easy to understand, but the path is a 64 km long hikingroute from Køge Bugt to Isefjorden (two danish coasts). In danish the path is called "Gudernes Stræde". There are 80 signposts with text at the path or nearby.
Tornhøj - says the text - is 3500 years old and a Big Farmer was buried here. Nearby was other graves and this part of the path has been a holy place for 5000 years.
Gudernes Stræde has it own homepage in Danish.
You will find an interactive map (danish: kort) here.
At this map you will see that path through Gadstrup, Ramsømagle and Østersyv, and if you look carefully between the last two places you will find Tornhøj.
Later I shall visit other places at the path.


Dina said...

I love the idea of ancient holy places.
Today some say they have special energy which can even be measured, in Boviseinheiten.

The picture is impressive.

Ken Mac said...

Geesh i love this shot!

Lowell said...

Thank you, Jorgen, for visiting The Villages DP! I had not seen your blog before ... thus I've been scrolling down and find it fascinating! One reason is that according to my DNA tests, I have lots of connections with Denmark!

I'll be back. Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

This is a fun series of shots. And so I wait eagerly for more :)

valeria said...

Lovely pic, Jorgen. It's very interesting to know Denmark better. Thank you for visiting my blog! Ciao from Verona

Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

very interesting information and great image. I like this series. I am glad you are enjoying the Biosphere series on my site. It is other worldly in a different way

Anonymous said...

Dejlige fotos, du bringer, og ja, vi har masser af minder rundt om i Danmark :-D