Ramsødalen seen from the birdstower. Here is the same motive just befor last Christmas.



The other day I visited the birdstower at Ramsødalen to look for birds. They were there, but a little too far away to get good shots. Instead I saw some trees stading in water just to the right of the tower.


Pieris rapae

Pieris rapae
This very new Pieris rapae - Lille kålsommerfugl in Danish - was sitting in the sun this morning, hoping to get the wings dried to allow flying. The wings was soft as might be seen at the image, the wind blew them in different directions.


Cirkus Baldoni

Cirkus Baldoni
Today Cirkus Baldoni is vistising Gadstrup - right now the tent is nearly raised.



Tegning 22.4.2010

What do you do first thing in the morning? I make tea. My granddaughter at 6 make drawings. I have shot these two made the other morning. The cat has "Mælk" (milch), a christmastree in the house and snow outside. The right one is a snowball thrown...

Tegning 22.4.2010


An Unusual View

Flying House
This was happening outside my window this morning - a flying house.


Jyllinge Church

Jyllinge kirke
Jylling is a city in the municipality of Roskilde - here is the church with its not so high tower.


Train Art

Train Art
I spotted this train at Roskilde Station today. Is it art - or not?


The Sky

The sky didn't turn into red - but this is how it looked from my house this evening.


Road to Gadstrup

A week ago I posted a photo of Salløv. Todays photo is shot at the same position, but showing the road to Gadstrup after you have left the road Roskilde - Køge. You notice Canon is here as well as Danish Agro.


More of the Mural og Gable Painting in Roskilde

Mural painting
Here is most of the mural painting in Roskilde I showed you a part of yesterday.


Gable Painting

Gable Painting
Some of the many legends connected to Roskildes 1000 years are expressed by art-pupils in 1997 at a gable painting. This is expressing legends from the time of the Reformation (1536). The title is "Der var engang..." (Once upon a time...).


Highway extension

The highway just south of Roskilde City has for many years been unable to let the traffic move easy. Now an enlargement is taken place - from 2010 to 2013. Here is a new crossbridge under construction.


Ribe Floods and Black Sun

Ribe Floods

Here are a few more photos from Ribe. Tomorrow it will be Roskilde again.
Ribe is protected by dikes. It has not always been so. Take a look at the "floods-marker". 1634 the water was near the top, which means very high water compared to the river (Ribe Å) as is seen. The lamppost gives a reference.
The mark is seen underneath.

Ribe 1634

At this time of the year a naturephenomenon is taking place. Before it is dark a lot of starlings are flying to their place for the night - at the same time. It is called "Sort sol" or "Black Sun". I have seen a million mentioned. Suddenly I saw some starlings outside the window, the show continued for some time and I managed to get some shots, not very sharp, but here is one.

Sort sol

If you want to see better photos please google "Sort sol" and images.




We have been in Ribe this weekend, and I shall show a few photos today and tomorrow. Ribe is situated in West-Jutland (270 km from Roskilde) and is the oldest danish town - 1300 years in 2010. You can read more at Ribe 1300. We stayed at Ribe-Byferie.

Ribe Cathedral

This is Ribe Cathedral. The plan was to walk to the top of the tower and enjoy the view of the surroundings, but - the church was closed because a concert should take place.



Margrete 1

Margrethe I
Margrete 1 was Queen in Denmark 1375 - 1412. The statue is standing at the middel of the road to Copenhagen (Københavnsvej). If you take a close look (click at it and find the original or next largest size) at the mouth of the horse you will discover something!
Margrethe I


Red Gate

Røde Port

Red Gate in Roskilde is placed very near the mile stone I showed you two days ago.

Røde Port

You pass under the bridge by car, cycling or walking.

Røde Port

By train you pass over. It is build 1936.


Crocus in Folkeparken


There are a lot of crocus at the moment in Folks Park, Roskilde.

Folkeparken Folkeparken



Distance from Copenhagen
This kilometre-stone is before distance was measured in Km. It is standing in Roskilde just outside Røde Port (Red Gate). The distance is 4 Miil from Copenhagen. Frederik V was King 1746-66. One "mil" is 7532,48 m. If you take a look at the kilometrestone in Copenhagen, you will see the distance to Roskilde is 30 km. 4 Miil is 129 m longer!


The Hidden Gadstrup

If you saw yesterdays photo of Salløv, todays is shot at the same position but turned a little to the west. Gadstrup is difficult to see - the city is hidden behind trees. The farm far away is situated in Ramsømagle and has been shown earlier here.



If you take a walk at the road east of Gadstrup, you will see the small village Salløv to the south.



These daffodils were shot inside tthe house today in the morningsunlight...


The Soap-bubble

The other days riddle was a bubble of soap on its way over the roof of the house. It is shot with my telelens.

Thanks for the guesses - and the photos can now be seen at flickr.

The riddle was two days ago.

If you are intersted in visual illusions or negative afterimages, please take a look at yesterdays post - and especially go to Steffes comment and his link. You will get a most fantastic experience from follwing his instructions.


Red is todays theme


As you see, I have written RED with green color. This is a kind of contraditory communication without internal consistency. Do you percieve the letters first? Or the color?

To solve the problem you have to make a socalled negative afterimage. If you don't know how to do, please take a white paper, write x at it, then fixate exactly the center of E keeping a steady gaze for 30 seconds and shift fixation quickly to the x at the white paper which should be placed in good light.

Now RED should be red - and that is the theme of the day.

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