Ribe Floods and Black Sun

Ribe Floods

Here are a few more photos from Ribe. Tomorrow it will be Roskilde again.
Ribe is protected by dikes. It has not always been so. Take a look at the "floods-marker". 1634 the water was near the top, which means very high water compared to the river (Ribe Å) as is seen. The lamppost gives a reference.
The mark is seen underneath.

Ribe 1634

At this time of the year a naturephenomenon is taking place. Before it is dark a lot of starlings are flying to their place for the night - at the same time. It is called "Sort sol" or "Black Sun". I have seen a million mentioned. Suddenly I saw some starlings outside the window, the show continued for some time and I managed to get some shots, not very sharp, but here is one.

Sort sol

If you want to see better photos please google "Sort sol" and images.


Stefan Jansson said...

Quite a spectacle!

And an interesting read as well.

Leif Hagen said...

I see one of your newest blog followers is Kristen Soli - she lives near you. She and I went to St. Olaf College and took some French classes together! Small world!