The Assistant

The Assistant
Yesterdays photo was taken at Lützhøfts Købmandgård. Here is Reholt, who told he was assistant and the man who also told the others what to do. I tasted a salt herring (se below), but - sorry - didn't buy a beer. At the third photo you see the salt herrings in the shop. One would cost 20 kr. I will be back to buy one some day. I hope you visit this part of Roskilde Museum next time you are in Roskilde!

Salt herrings was earlier eaten morning and midday in many danish homes. It was cheap, I guess.

Salt Herring

Salt Herrings


Lowell said...

Don't think I've ever eaten this...but I do like the pickled herring sold in our supermarkets.

Luckaa said...

The man looks so friendly, like him.
And fishes - I prefer prepared on the dish :-), but this is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Jeg vil mægtig gerne besøge museet, men vil lade Rimkogeren smovse den (U)delikate spise :-D