The Sky with a Cloud


...as seen from my garden the other day.


Fountain at Stændertorvet

Fountain at Stændertorvet

This fountain at Stændertovet, Roskilde is decorated with symbols from Roskilde city arms and was made by V. J. Mørk-Hansen 1895.





Flowers at Hestetorveet


Here you see some municipality-flowers 2010. The Bagels-to-go in the background get the windows washed.


Midsummer Evening

From My Garden Just Now

This is my midsummer greetings to all - the shot was taken a few minuts ago in my garden just before sunset. Midsummer evening is 23. June in Denmark.


Prins Jørgens Garde

Prins Jørgens Garde

Prins Jørgens Garde from Vordingborg was also part of the celebration of Roskilde Garden 75 years parade.


The Royal Life Guards visits Roskilde

The Royal Life Gueards visits Roskilde
As you may have noticed the last days, Roskilde Garden celebrated its first 75 years a few days ago. The Royal Life Guards "Tamburkorps" also participated in the celebration.


Søværets Tamburkorps visited Roskilde

Søværnets Tamburkorps

Many City-Guards visited Roskilde to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Roskilde Garden - and Søværenets Tamburkorps were in Roskilde too.


Roskilde Garden 75 Years

Roskilde Garden

Today Roskilde Garden - Roskilde City-Guard - is celebrating its 75 anniversary.


My shadow

My shadow


Laura from Weingut Markus Molitor in Roskilde

Laura Dreher from Weingut Markus Molitor

Laura Dreher, who is sales and marketing manager at Weingut Markus Molitor, was last weekend in Roskilde to present some famous Mosel-wines at Otto Suensons wineshop (see yesterday). She was - with her Weinkönigin-smile - telling about the wines to the many people who wanted to taste (and buy) excellent German wines. She told about Riesling, the soil, the balance between residual sugar and acidity etc. and seemed to enjoy what she was doing.
I tasted 4 Rieslings and bought the two I liked most, see below. These wines are not Trocken or Halbtrocken, but Lieblich (residual sugar more than 18 gr/liter), but the mentioned balance between suger and acidity gives a dryness which I very much like.
Many more people should learn German wines to know - until they do, they don't know what wonderful wineexperinces they have missed.



Flemming The Wineman

Here is Flemming. He is head of Otto Suensons wineshop in Roskilde. Once a year a winetasting is arranged, in 2010 last friday and saturday. I was there to taste som German wines. And a Tavel Rosé. Flemming was busy selling wines, talking to the customers etc. He seems to like his job.


The Danish Home Guard

The Danish Home Guard
This is Charlotte. I met her yesterday at Roskilde Cathedral. She has been a member of the Danish Home Guard 28 years. This unit has nowadays among its tasks to help the police at some occasions. The task this day was the help the police - hence "Politi Hjemmeværnet" - to keep "the people" at right distance to the Crown Prince and Crown Princess at their visit to the Cathedral. Charlotte approaced me because she noticed a small dog behind me. I shot the photo and asked her permission to use it here. She told about 3 small dogs at home and a few other task in "Hjemmeværnet".


The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess visiting Roskilde Cathedral

Frederik and Mary Visiting Roskilde Cathedral

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary was visting Roskilde Cethedral today to celebrate 5 years of restoration of the Cathedral now is finished. At the photo below you see two tourists from Germany to the right just passing by at the right moment. The Danish Home Guard had a police-job to do as you see.



Restaurant Snekken in Roskilde

Restaurant Snekken

At the Tourisms Day in Roskilde you could taste samples from Restaurant Snekken, which is to be found very near the Viking Ship Museum.
At the next photo you see a closeup of the samples, which were very delicious. You could also taste a white and/or red wine from Australia.



To Twist Withes

Anne from Viking Ship Museum
The other day - at the day of tourism - I met Anne from the Viking Ship Muesum. She is working in the department of learning and activites. Here she is domonstrating how to twist a withe of willow, which were use for many purposes at the Viking Ships. It is a strong material. Anne seems to enjoy what she is doing.


Young Lady in Red

Lady in Red
The young lady in red is looking at a viking ship. She has an red rose in her hand. Probably she has got it from "Socialdemokraterne" (a dansih political party), they were "active" in the streets of Roskilde that day.


Just Married and Flying Rice

Flying rice
In Denmark it is a tradition to throw rice at just married people, like this ... It was seen in Roskilde 10 days ago.


Cycling in Roskilde

Cycling in Roskilde


Henrik and his grill

Henrik - my son - is preparing the days evening meal at his grill. All was delicious. The familiy was together in Roskilde.

Young Skaters Performing

Young skaters


Pigeon and Balloon

Pigeon and Balloon
The weather has just been ideal for flying ballon over Roskilde. The pigeon enjoy the evening.


Carriage as in the good old days

From Lützhøfts Købmandgård you can see Roskilde by carriage - here are a group returning after the tour. Reholt has removed the "one-wheeler" from its usual position to signal "no parking" in the yard.


June Theme Day - Funny Signs

Zimmer and Pension
This sign is from Golling, Austria.

If you want to see the street with the pension, Golling is here. Click at the photo and it is easy to find the baker and bed.

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