The Danish Home Guard

The Danish Home Guard
This is Charlotte. I met her yesterday at Roskilde Cathedral. She has been a member of the Danish Home Guard 28 years. This unit has nowadays among its tasks to help the police at some occasions. The task this day was the help the police - hence "Politi Hjemmeværnet" - to keep "the people" at right distance to the Crown Prince and Crown Princess at their visit to the Cathedral. Charlotte approaced me because she noticed a small dog behind me. I shot the photo and asked her permission to use it here. She told about 3 small dogs at home and a few other task in "Hjemmeværnet".


Stefan Jansson said...

Glad to have inspired you to start shooting street portraits. It is great fun and very rewarding. And a great start with the smiling Charlotte. I have met a few "hemvärnare" myself in the last few years. Great people they are.

T. Becque said...

Nice shot! I bet she liked that one.

lewi14@gmail.com said...

Friendly, very friendly.