View from my window


Just a moment ago we got heavy rain this sunday morning - the gutter is too small...




Today the farmers has harvested a lot - it has been dry enough to do it, but more rain is expected.


Red Admiral eating Gooseberry


This red admiral was visiting my garden today and enjoyed a very ripe gooseberry.


Service from a home for the retired

Service to the people with handicaps

Maybe you remember the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Roskilde Garden. Peoplpe at the photo are waiting for all the participating guards to come and play together. Suddenly the 3-wheeler was arriving. At the rear you could read it was from a rest home in Roskilde. Practical and fine service to peolpe who can't transport themselves.




A little sun has been seen today between yesterdays heavy rain and the expected heavy rain later today - here is a butterfly enjoying life.


Too much rain

Too much rain

We have got much too much rain in Gadstrup today, but not as much as other parts of Denmark (and other parts of the world)...

All too much rain today


Walking in the Rain

Walking in the rain

My wife is ready for a walk in the rain just a moment ago...


Leif from Eagan Daily Photo in Roskilde

Leif and Jørgen

Do you know Leif Hagen from Eagan Daily Photo Blog?

Early this year he told me about visiting relatives in Norway and Sweden this summer. After the long vacation he and his family would fly to Copenhagen and stay in Denmark for 24 hours before returning home. Would I like to meet? Of course.

One of the followers of this blog is Kristen. She lives with her family in Roskilde, but is from Hawaii. She and Leif knows each other, participating in the same French-class, but havn't met since 22 years ago. The Hagen family stayed at her house - and I enjoyed beeing a guest an hour.

It was an intense hour and very energy-giving to be there talking about our blogs and other interesting subjects. A few photos was taken - and one of them is above.

I hope the stay in Roskilde was enjoyed, that the travel back was relaxing and returning to work isn't too stressfull.


On the way to meet a City Daily Blogger


Yesterday evening I was going to Roskilde to meet a City Daily Blogger. At the way I stopped the car to get this photo at Skalstrup.


A little later I arrived at Vestervang, Roskilde - and now the sky looked like this.
Tomorrow you will know who I met - a guess is welcome!


Roskilde Railway Station

Roskilde Railway Station

The first railway in Denmark was established 1847 between Copenhagen and Roskilde.


The Danish Navy 500 Years


Today it is 500 years since The Danish Navy was establised. This painting of Marstrand shows a situation with King Christian IV at "Trefoldigheden" in 1644, fighting against the Swedish Navy south of Gedser. At that time the navy was 134 years. You can see it in Roskilde Cathedral.


Market in Roskilde


If you are visiting Stændertorvet, Roskilde wednesday and saturday you will find the local market there - and it is possible to buy many different products and things.




Today we got a lot of rain - and I just looked outside. The garden needed all the water.


Look after the new ones at their way to school

New in traffic

Next weeks the children has to go to school again after the summerholidays. Every year signs like this one is placed at the streets to tell that special attention has to be taken to look after the new pupils who begins their life in school. At the shot below you see obstacles to the pedestrians near the school in Gadstrup.

Problems for pedestrians


Harvest and traffic

Harvest time

In the coming weeks a lot tractors will been seen at the streets transporting crops to the central place called Danish Agro.


Harvest eady wheat


The wheat also seems ready to be harvested - this is also a field just outside Gadstrup. Notice the single red puppy at the next shot.



Harvest ready


Just outside Gadstup a Barley-field looks ready to be harvested...