Christmas is over


Today it is a normal day again. Christmas is over, the ducks has been eaten, the christmastree and the presents has been enjoyed, the christmastensions of the grandchildren has changed to relaxation - etc. Many people was not able to go all the way home or where they should be christmasevening. Especially Bornholm was closed because of snow.


Dina said...

Yes, normalcy can be so good.
Those birds look delicious.

Berit said...

Now we can look forward to new years eve:)
Right now I think Denmark has more snow than here in Norway. I saw from Bornholm on the news, it looked terrible.

Jørgen Carlsen said...

Bornholm has so much snow that assistance from outside is necessary.

Leif Hagen said...

Looks like a delicious meal! I wonder what other side dishes were served with those birds?