Old City Hall in Roskilde


Well, here is another shot of the Old City Hall of Roskilde - with too much snow.

Take a look at Red Cabbage here!


lewi14@gmail.com said...

It's really too much! What a lot of snow. Snow has gone in Stuttgart. Therefore we have to dream for a "White Christmas".

I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Julie said...

What I like about this shot of yours, Jorgen, is that it gives me some idea of the reality of this quantity of snow. Many of the images I am seeing show me the intense beauty of a snowy landscape. This shows me how difficult it must make ordinary day-by-day life. Thanks for that.

Stefan Jansson said...

This is a fine look at old City Hall. You will have to go back once a month to show us how this scene will change during one year.

Leif Hagen said...

A lovely winter photo! Your snowfall is catching up to that in EAGAN!
God Jul og Godt Nytt Ar!

Gaby Bee said...

Warm Christmas wishes to you and yours! Health, Happiness and may all of your dreams come true for 2011!

Gaby xo

Gunn said...

What a beautiful building!
We both have plenty of snow..... but Bornholm is now shown on all the TV news here in Norway. They have got more than enough I guess.

Keep warm and enjoy the winter!