Roskilde Gymnasium

Roskilde Cathedralskole

Roskilde Gymnasium (high school) is seen to the right if you are standing in front of Roskilde Cathedral. Sorry - the shot is from on of the foggy winterdays.


Tree between Gadstrup and Ramsømagle

Tree between Gadstrup and Ramsømagle

Yesterdays field is the one to the left.


Field in Winter Sun

Field in winter sun

So did this field look a few days ago, but today it is whitegreen because of a little amount of snow.


Street Lights

Street Lights

These two streets lights are standing in front of the old city hall in Roskilde.


Old City Hall Roskilde

Old City Hall Roskilde

Steffe from Haninge suggested in a comment in december a monthly photo of the old city hall in Roskilde from the same position. It should have been 21th. January, but the shot is from a cold, foggy day a few days later. See all Old City Hall Roskilde.




These leeks were part of the evening meal the other day.


How to use a used Christmas Tree

Use of Christmastree

One month after Christmas my grandchildren are playing with the old X-mas tree.


Top of The Large Spring

Top of the Large Spring

If you look closely at yesterdays photo you can just see something at the top of the little building. This is here. It is a "fresh-water-mermaid".


The Large Spring

The Large Spring

Yesterday I showed the other end of Lille Magekildestræde. Walking through you see Maglekilde.
It means large spring. The spring springs - if I can say so - in the little building you pass on your way. Roskilde Cathedral is seen in the background.


View to Lille Maglekildestræde

View to Lille Maglekildestræde

Standing with the back to the royal gate of Roskilde Cathedral, this is what you see. The street is called Lille Maglekildestræde. Tomorrow I will show you what can't be seen from here.


Roskilde Cathedral The Royal Gate Details

Details of the Royal Gate

Yesterday I showed the new Royal Gate at Roskilde Cathedral. Today a few details is the subject.
I guess the gate only can be opened from the inside, as a question was yesterday.


Roskilde Cathedral The Royal Gate

Roskilde Cathedral Royal Gate

This new Royal Gate is quite new, finished 2010 and made by Peter Brandes.


Street run 4

Street run

Street run

It all ended with the Power Walkers from Gadstrup.


Street run

Street run

And they continued to run and run...


Street run 3

Street run

Street run

Street run

Street runners of many ages - as you see. They seem to enjoy the activity.


Street run 2

Street run

Street run

Many street runners participated in Gadstrup Gadeløb.


Street run

Street run

In Gadstrup was in the beginning of october arranged a street run. I was standing at a corner and got some shots using tele. More follows the coming days.


Let others do the work


Yesterday I was taking some empty bottles to a container near the local supermarket. This was what I saw. Peolpe expect others to solve their wasteproblems!


Twins in the Royal Family

Frederik and Mary Visiting Roskilde Cathedral

I have shown this photo of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary in Roskilde before.

I do it again to tell about their two babies - a boy and a girl - born today. It is the first time ever the royal twins are born in Denmark.

Crown Prince Frederik was very happy and told (and showed) the one was that long and the orther was that high!



Selling more playthings

Selling playthings

Just a few more impressions from the childrens super selling experience in Roskilde. The children learn to let go some of the things they would like to play with at a little younger age, but it might be difficult to let go...

Selling more playthings

The first post about this event was just before this one.


Selling playthings


Twice a year kids from Roskilde are selling playthings they don't need any more. As you see at this shot from Algade, many people are at the Horse Market (Hestetorvet) with the Roskilde Jars and Station in the background. This is from Sept. 5th, 2010.


Sunday Traffic in Roskilde


The snow has caused many traffic problems in Roskilde. The cars could not move. Last sunday it was not the snow causing the problems, but the first day of the "on sale" of many of the things not sold before Christmas. Too many cars were on their way to the modern cathedral called Ro's Torv. There were also too many people inside the shoppingscenter, which is the large building seen far away at the photo.


Cars under snow

Cars under snow

As seen 1.1.11 in Gadstrup.


Temperature in the Carport


It has been cold in Denmark in December. Yesterday - 1.1.11 - temperature was around 0 degree Celsius, but in the carport the sun had the shown effect.


Welcome 2011

Sky over Roskilde

The sky over Roskilde just af after midnight 1.1.11.