Soap Bobbles

Soap Bobbles


Free ice today

Free ice

It's still cold, temperature is below 0. But - why was that low row of people standing here in Roskilde today? The answer was to get a free ice at Paradis (is = ice). They celebrated the beginning of the ice-season. I would have celebrated the end of the winter-ice-season.



Spring expected

Soil in bags

The local supermarket has already got a lot of soil in plastic - for replanting indoor plants, growing tomatoes in the greenhouse etc.


Old City Hall in Roskilde

Old City Hall

This is the third photo of the Old City Hall in Roskilde shot at 21. (or thereabout) in the month shortly after 10 in the morning. It is still cold and not many people are at the street this morning.

The others are at Old City Hall


Still winter in Roskilde

Roskilde Harbour

The ship to the right is Sagafjord, a restaurant-ship. The grey building to the left is the museum of Vikingships.




The sun this morning - I don't know what this kind of light-phenomenon is called. Shot through my window.



Hungry Birds

Roskilde Harbour

From the streets of Sct. Jørgensbjerg, shown in last post, it only take a few minutes to walk to Roskilde Harbour. There was still some ice - and a lot of hungry birds which got some bread.

Roskilde Harbour


Sct. Jørgensbjerg, Roskilde

Sct. Jørgensbjerg

On the way to Roskilde Harbour through the streets of Sct. Jørgensbjerg, which is a part of Roskilde situated quite near the harbour.

Sct. Jørgensbjerg


Gammel Dansk or Old Danish Bitter

Old Danish

Yesterday I showed some bottles of wine. Leif Hagen from Eagan said in his comment: What about a bottle of Gammel Dansk?

It is here - this bitter was earlier made in Roskilde, but no longer. You see the traditional shape of the bottle at the first shot.

Below is the label.

Gammel Dansk




You perhaps saw the statue of Lise Nørgaard the other day. She wrote Matador and called the city Korsbæk. In Roskilde I saw these Korsbæk Wines - the label shows Algade with the Old City Hall in the background.


Lise Nørgaard

Lise Nørgaard

Lise Nørgaard (born 1917) is a very famous danish journalist and writer, very well know from TV for Matador, taking place in "Korsbæk". She was born i Roskilde, and a new statue, made by Mette Agerbæk, can be seen in Algade.


February Theme Day is Fountains


This fountain is not from Roskilde, but from Gosau Sea, Austria.

A Roskilde-fountain can be seen here at Stændertorvet.

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