Street Art In Køge

Street Art In Køge


Street Art In Køge

Street Art In Køge


Mette and her father Peder

Metter and father

Today Mette, living nearby, and Carsten is married in Gadstrup Church. I asked Mette and her father, Peder for a photo just before they were going to the church - and here they are.

I wish Metter and Carsten a happy, long life together with their children, Jonas and Laura.


Old City Hall Roskilde

Old City Hall

The Old City Hall in Roskilde today. The Labour Unions had parked their bus at Stændertorvet. They work hard to get new members, but I think they loose more members than they are getting.

Here is the link to other photos from the same position.




This photo has just been taken in my garden - just to show how wonderful a day it is.


Anthocharis cardamines

Aurora (Anthocharis cardamines)

The other day this butterfly, Anthocharis cardamines, was sitting at my finger. After I got my camera it was willing to do it all over again. These were the best shots.

Aurora (Anthocharis cardamines)


Schmeltz Plads

Schmeltz Plads Roskilde

Schmeltz Plads an early morning. Later at the day many cars are parked here.


Flowering Paradise Apple Tree

Paradise Apple

This tree is seen at a street in Gadstrup - look at the fly and find the spider!


Alice From The Danish Kidney Association


Alice was at the streets of Roskilde today to promote the Danish Kidney Association by givning pedestrians an envelope with seeds for their garden - hoping the seeds will make people think of others suffering of kidney-diseases - and perhaps deciding to offer one of their kidneys in case of a need. I understand that 1700 danes lives a good life with a new kidney. But many more are in need to get a new one. Take a look at Nyreforeningen.dk.
Alice told me, that she herself is not suffering from a kidneydisease, but has a relative who does.


My tree to the left

My tree

This is the spring colours around the neighborhood.


Tulips in Roskilde

Tulips in Roskilde

A nice view of tulips just in front of the library.