Alice From The Danish Kidney Association


Alice was at the streets of Roskilde today to promote the Danish Kidney Association by givning pedestrians an envelope with seeds for their garden - hoping the seeds will make people think of others suffering of kidney-diseases - and perhaps deciding to offer one of their kidneys in case of a need. I understand that 1700 danes lives a good life with a new kidney. But many more are in need to get a new one. Take a look at Nyreforeningen.dk.
Alice told me, that she herself is not suffering from a kidneydisease, but has a relative who does.


Leif Hagen said...

A nice portrait of Alice doing an important task of improving awareness!

I sent you a cyber piece of my cake today!

Anonymous said...

Ja denna damen liknar en god äkta dansk. Meget flott !! Ha en fin dag !

Stefan Jansson said...

She does good work. When I die they can use whatever they need!

Book said...

Beautiful moment ! well seen !