4-wheel ladder



Autumn colours

Autumn colors


Harvested corn

The summer in Denmark has been bad. Too much rain. In despite of that fact, some corns have been harvested. Here is a “cornmountain” at Roskilde Andel (you see the letters to the left), now called Danish Agro (to be sure danes understand it nowadays).




This cactus “was born” 1978 – and has been flowering a few times in 2011. Its placed in my window.



Farmers and Natures Laws

Farmers has to follow natures laws. Nature dont know weekends.



A flower from Alice

Earlier this year Alice from the Danish Kidney Association gave me an envelope with seeds. The flower this day was from that envelope. I like it and I will harvest some seeds for next year, but I don’t know the name of the flower.



Bus Stop

The sun was shining today.  At the daily walk we often pass a bench – but, today my wife and I sat on it and enjoyed the sun. Just opposite there is a bus stop – and a “waiting room”. This was our view.

Bus stop



Before leaving Glücksburg, I just want to show this mailbox – it still seem to be used by Deutsche Post.



Schloss Glücksburg

Roskilde Daily Photo has once more been outside Roskilde. At a few days vacation in Flensburg, Glücksburg was visited monday. We were inside the castle and enjoyed what we saw. Here is the link to Schloss Glücksburg.  See this overview of importance in Europe.

The first photo of the castle was shot just before the visit. The second just after.

Schloss Glücksburg

Schloss Glücksburg


Roskilde Airshow

Every second year there is an airshow a Roskilde Airport. In 2011 it was the last weekend of August. The first day everything was cancelled due to extreme rain. The second day the weather was better. Here is a shot of an old DC3. It parcipates very time.



Roskilde Cathedral

Roskilde Cathedral is visible from most parts of Roskilde. This shot is from the street were some of the shots from para-WC was made. I have used tele.

Roskilde Cathedral


Phonebox at the Street

Before the mobilepone there were lots of phoneboxes at the streets in the cities. Now there are just few - as this one to be seen at Stændertorvet in Roskilde.



MY 1154

This good, old engine still functions.



New Primeminister

At yesterdays election the majority changed – and Denmark will in some days have its firste female primeminister. Here is a photo of a poster of Helle Thorning-Schmidt as I havn’t seen her in Roskilde today. 

Helle Thorning-Schmidt


Clouds and Sunshine

Today a new parliament is elected in Denmark – a new government seems to be the result, but votes can still be given an hour more. For some the clouds is the result, for others sunshine – just as seen on my way to Roskilde earlier this day.



Red cycle

This young lady was not participating in the Para-cycling WC just held in Roskilde…



Next Primeminister

At Roskilde Railway Station you see some large changing posters – of course showing portriats of the two potentail primeministers.

Will it be Helle or Lars at the election in two days time?

Helle Thorning-Schmidt

 Lars Løkke Rasmussen


Politicians and Lampposts

At thursday tere is election to the parliament. Ahead of that politicians promote themselves by hanging posters in the lampposts at the streets – here at Stændertorvet with the cathedral in the background.

Election 2011


Para-cycling WC Roskilde 2011

Today is the last day of the para-cycling world championship in Roskilde.

Here are a few shots from tadays race.

paracycling wc

paracycling roskilde

paracycling roskilde


Para-Cycling World Championship in Roskilde

Here are some shots from todays race – first the start, last some participants crossing the line after 15.37 km.

Para-cycling WC Roskilde

Para-cycling WC Roskilde

Para-cycling WC RoskildePara-cycling WC RoskildePara-cycling WC RoskildePara-cycling WC RoskildePara-cycling WC RoskildePara-cycling WC Roskilde


2011 UCI Para-cycling Road World Championship

The Para-cycling Road World Championship takes place the next 4 days. The opening cermony took place earlier today.

Here are some of the participants.


A lot of preparation is necessary.


The ceremony was conducted by Master Fatman, and the Mayor of Roskilde, Joy Mogensen, spoke.


The man in yellow is from Ghana.


Jesper Skibby, a famous danish racing cyclist, told he knew the hard work all participants had done to be able to be here this day.


On my way back home I saw this young cyclist at Roskilde station wating for the train.




More Skjoldungestien

The other days walk began in sunshine and ended with a little rain. Here are som photos illustrating that.







End of Eurorando 2011 in Denmark

Yesterday ended Eurorando 2011 in the eastern part of Denmark with 7 walks all ending at the Large Spring at Byparken in Roskilde. The walks was between 4 and 26 km. I participated in one of them, 13 km at Skjoldungestien from Lejre to Roskilde. That was a very fine walk.

Water is the theme for this Eurorando, symbolising life and movement. Water from many part of Europe will be collected and brought to Andalusia, to be united at the end of Eurorando 2011 later this year.

At the walk Lavringe Stream was crossed – there was much water in it. As seen at the last photo.

At the first photo you see Lis Nielsen, President of the European Ramblers Association, and Torben Christensen, Chairman of the Danish Ramblers Association, filling a bottle with water from the Large Spring.

Eurorando 2011Eurorando 2011Lavringe Å


A Sunflower

One sunflower and a few other plants was seen at a field before harvest. There are still many fields which are not harvested due to rain, take a look Hos Mommer.