Train and Fog

Yesterday was a grey day. Caused by fog. Here are two not very interesting photos from yestereday. The first shows a kind of train in the fog. The second is the same train 40 meters away – you can’t see it, only a kind of shadow.

Train and fog

Train in fog


The Landscape in Roskilde

A few weeks ago I was at my way home from Køge using the local train. Between Havdrup and Gadstrup I saw the rainbow and shot these two photos through the trains window. You also get an impression of the landscape.



Washing The Railway Tracks

As you may know, I am using the local train a lot. This is not that train, but a railway-track-washing-train. Why? At autumn the leaves fall on the tracks and make them as soap to drive at. Some years cancellation of half the trains has been the reality. Now they are washing the leaves away – thanks!

Railway track


Book Exchange Tree


In Folkeparken, Roskilde you find this special tree. There are books in it –and you are welcome to take a book and place another in the tree.


The Rope Maker

The other day Tadre Mølle was visited. Our two grandchildren was on vacation and it was decided to visit the old, but still functioning watermill, Tadre Mølle (take a look at a danish blogpost with a few shots from the mill). Tadre Mølle is now part of Roskilde Museum.

We were lucky to visit the mill the day the rope maker was working.

I asked Aksel to be part of this miniportrait of his skills. Aksel told he learned to make ropes at the family farm 70 years ago, and because he had practiced ever since he still is able to make some ropes at special  occasions at Tadre Mølle. He has a simple tool, but as you see at the end of the photos, he makes excellent ropes. Aksel told he has the feeling of ropemaking in his hands.

Ropemaking at Tadre Mølle

First Aksel placed 3 x 4 strings between the blue plate and “the other end”. He turns and turn – and suddenly there are 4 strings.

Ropemaking at Tadre Mølle

The the rope is made from the other end using another simple tool and by help of my gandchild turning and turning the moving part.

Ropemaking at Tadre Mølle

Here is the good, old tool.

Ropemaking at Tadre Mølle

Ropemaking at Tadre Mølle

And Aksels “rope-sensitive” hand.

Ropemaking at Tadre Mølle

The rope has to be secured in both ends.

Ropemaking at Tadre Mølle

Here is the result.

Ropemaking at Tadre Mølle

It was a cold day – and a pancake was good to have.


Roskilde Cathedral and Opel

Sometimes you have to uncomplicate, at least if you are 68 years old. I did so the other day. A lot of old articles from newpapers were recycled.

Among the papers were Politiken – a Danish newspaper – from October 1th, 1959. It was at that time 75 years old.

I was funny to see that old newspaper, and I photografed parts of it.

Of special interest to Roskilde Daily Photo was this ad from Opel. The background to the old car is Roskilde Cathedral, which has been shown many times at this blog.

 Opel and Roskilde Cathedral

Here is the link to Roskilde Cathedral at the blog.


Building of a Viking Ship

In Roskilde – at the Viking Ship Museum – many viking ships are build. This is the last one.

Building a viking Ship in Roskilde




The Good Ship Freia

I saw this ship in Roskilde the other day – it is the only Danish steel schooner under sail. (Information at the second photo)Freia



Roskilde Fjord

If you saw the shots of swans yesterday, you have seen a little part of Roskilde Fjord.

Today I will show you two more. Can you find the fisherman in the water at the first – if not, take a look at the second, and it should be possible to find him at the first.

Roskilde Fjord



Swans in Roskilde

To day the weather was very fine. My wife an I had a walk in Roskilde. At the harbour we saw two swans. And two more. Suddenly one of these birds found the others to be too close – or what the motive was. An attack was started, the two escaped and order was reestablished.

Here is one of the shots.


And here is a slideshow of the photos. Just as they were shot.


Roskilde Monastery

The other evening I participated in a visit to Roskilde Monastery. The story was told. It was founded 1699, but the buildings was made by bricks from buildings at the place from 1200. Re-use was modern at that time.

Take a look at the homepage, Roskilde Kloster, to see it under better light-conditions than the other evening. And remember to visit Roskilde Kloster for a guided tour next time you are in Roskilde.

Roskilde kloster


Building in Køge

This photo of an old house in Køge was shot late in September.

House in Køge


The Sky Saturday Morning

The weather should be fairly rough this morning. The first shot is to the north. You see the light on the white building. You will understand why looking at the second shot, to the east. Both are from my garden.



The Sky Today

This afternoon the sky as seen from Gadstrup, Roskilde looked like this at SouthWest


and SouthEast.


It is autumn.



Change at a Street

The stones in the mittle of the street here is removed – I hope this not so sure trafic-corner will be better.



The Central Bank of Denmark

Roskilde Daily Photo was in Copenhagen today. Sometimes I think how money goes in and out of The Central Bank.

This is perhaps how:

National Bank


Spiders Net and Fog

Today we had fog in the morning – thats perhaps why there are so many waterdrops in the spiders net.



Summer in October

The danish summer was rainfull – second most rainfull in more than 100 years.

Today, the first day in October, we have had a very pleasant day in Denmark. No day in October has ever been as warm as today (26.5 degree Celsius), og we have never has a “summerday” (25 degree) in October before.  Next week will be more autumn-like.

Staunings Ø011