Roskilde Cathedral and Opel

Sometimes you have to uncomplicate, at least if you are 68 years old. I did so the other day. A lot of old articles from newpapers were recycled.

Among the papers were Politiken – a Danish newspaper – from October 1th, 1959. It was at that time 75 years old.

I was funny to see that old newspaper, and I photografed parts of it.

Of special interest to Roskilde Daily Photo was this ad from Opel. The background to the old car is Roskilde Cathedral, which has been shown many times at this blog.

 Opel and Roskilde Cathedral

Here is the link to Roskilde Cathedral at the blog.

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Anonymous said...

Hej! Opel är ett gammalt bilmärke som varit med i många år. En del modeller har varit riktigt bra och andra har varit dåliga. Men det gäller nog alla bilmärken. Ha en god helg !