Marguerite after frosty weather

Marguerit P1040237

Shot from my garden today.




Shot just ouside today – all leaves are expected to be off the tree the next few days.


Sometimes a Train

Train P1040133

This large machine is parked near the railtracks. As can be seen from the small iron-wheels, it can be used at the track, but I don’t know what kind of tasks it is used for.


Køge Bay

Køge havn

This place is just south of Køge. The water is Køge Bay.

Køge Bugt

Far away you see points in Copenhagen. The weather was clear that day.



For tapping water

Tap P1030856

The other day I walked through Østre Kirkegård (East Churchyard) in Roskilde – and noticede water can be tapped here.



Waiting for Snow

Waiting for snow P1030863

At Roskilde Railstation I noticed this heavy device ready to remove too much snow – so the trains don’t get caught in a snow-drift.


Still Grass To Find



Horses at field in Brordrup.


Official 13

Official P1030832

Security and officials are part of motorsport at the roads. I was standing behind another line.



Ralley P1030826

Ralley P1030825

I heard a lot of car-noise today. It was from Danish Championship in Rally. I walked to Brordrup and got a few shots as seen here.


Artist of the Month

Earlier this year I was asked to show my photos at two local libraries in Roskilde municipality in October and November 2012. I should be Artist of the Month. I said yes – and the photos are now to be seen at the first library, Gundsømagvle Bibliotek. But  - if this is too far away from you I have added a slideshow.

Which photo are the best? I don’t know, but I like this one:

Gl. Skolevej i Gadstrup

This is the old Gadstrup a winterday.

Here is the slideshow:



Autumn Bliss

After a few days with lots of rain, the sun was shining from the blue sky this morning – and, as can be seen, there are still at least one raspberry in the garden.


Pear Rust (Gymnosporangium sabinae)

I have a lot of pear rust at to trees in my garden. Today I shot these twwo photos of the rust at the backside of the leaves.

Pear rust (Gymnosporangium sabinae)Gymnosporangium sabinae


Gadstrupløbet 2012

Gadstrup Idrætsforening (Gadstrup Athletic Association) celebrates its first 100 years these days. Congratulation.

Today members participated in a street race through Gadstrup. Here are some impressions.

Gadstrupløbet 2012025

A few seconds after start.

Gadstrupløbet 2012045

Along the church.

Gadstrupløbet 2012094

The winners of 5 km.

Gadstrupløbet 2012173

All runners were winners.

Gadstrupløbet 2012170

A tough winner.

Gadstrupløbet 2012147

A proud winner.

Gadstrupløbet 2012141

Explosive winners.

Gadstrupløbet 2012102

Wonderful to be a winner.

Gadstrupløbet 2012213

After winning.

Jeg håber alle accepterer at være vist her – ellers send en mail (se page: contact) og billedet vil blive fjernet.


Roundpressed Straws

Rolls of straw

After harvest a lot of straws are left behind. Some machine – I understand it is a roundpressmachine (one word in danish) - made a lot of rolls, compressing the straws for easier transportation. I also understand that a squarepresser uses more energy than the roundpresser, but squarepressed straws are cheaper to transport because of their form.


Vikings 2012

Viking 2012

Last weekend I passed Roskilde harbour when a group of modern vikings was told how to be sailing vikings. Here follows a few photos. I hope all enjoyed working together.  






Arne Haugen Sørensen Exhibition in Roskilde

Arne Haugen Sørensen

Arne Haugen Sørensen is a famous Danish artist. Today he was in Roskilde participating in the opening of an exhibition of water-colour paintings. He is 80 years old and still going strong, as you see. He was busy signing books, cards and posters and seemed to enjoy beeing in Roskilde.

Arne Haugen Sørensen

The exhibition, “Den passionerede”, ends September 16th, 2012. Information at Palæfløjen, Roskilde Kunstforening.

At Arne Haugen Sørensen you can see some of his painting.


Sailboat at Roskilde Fjord

Sailboat Roskilde Fjord

First to the right.

Sailboat at Roskilde Fjord

Then to the left – with better wind.


Witch in Lamppost


This witch is wailing in a lamppost to ride on her broomstick to Brocken, Harz at saturday.



Bubble bath?





Barbara and Dennis visiting Roskilde


After a visit in Gadstrup Barbara and Dennis visited Roskilde Cathedral – here with the church in the background.


A Great-grandson visits Gadstrup Rail Station

Barbara and Dennis visiting Gadstrup

This is Barbara and Dennis visiting Gadstrup Train Station a few days ago. They live near Chicago.
A month ago I got a very short email from Barbara. She asked: "Do you know anything of Ole Toppenberg, who was stationmaster at Gadstrup station in 1920? He was my husbands great-grandfather.
I did not know anything at that time, but I tried to look into the census from 1921. Nothing was found. But there was a solution. In a book about Gadstrup, I could read that Gadstrup station was in the municipality of Snoldelev and not in Gadstrup. Funny, but so it was.
Now I could find Ole Toppenborg in the census from 1921 as well as 1925 and 1930. He and the family had their home at the station.
Barbara got the information as well as other informations I found.
Barbara and Dennis has planned a genealogical trip for some time - and we met in Gadstrup having fine hours together.
Below you see Ole Toppenberg, Dennis’ great-grandfather, and Gadstrup station around 1920. You also find other photos from the visit.

Ole Toppenberg abt 1933Gastrup train stationBarbara and Dennis visiting GadstrupBarbara and Dennis visiting Gadstrup

Barbara and Dennis visiting GadstrupBarbara and Dennis visiting Gadstrup