White Winter


It is cold in Denmark now – and more winter from the east is expected…


Motorway Bridge from south

New bridge over motorway

Some homepages are “Under construction”. The bridge over the motorway just south of Roskilde is also under construction. Read more two days ago. This is from is southern part of the bridge. I look forward to see how cars get on the bridge!

New bridge over motorway


Ice at window

Ice on vindow

Now the winter is with ice…


Too many cars…

New bridge over motorway

Many years ago the road from Copenhagen to Ringsted passed through Roskilde. Now part of this street is for pedestrians. The motorway passing Roskilde just south of the city was build to avoid the increasing number of cars passing through the city. For years this motorway has been unable to let the traffic pass smoothly. A widening of the motorway has taken place the last years and should be finished this year. The bridges over the motorway has to be adopted to the new reality. Very often I have passed the bridge at Køgevej in my car thinking I should walk and take some photos of the replacement of two old bridges with two new ones.

The other day I walked to the bridge south of the railstation. It was one of the dark winterdays we have seen very often this winter – and today I show you a few shots from the northern part of the east-bridge (you see traffic passing at the west-bridge).

New bridge over motorway

The new bridge has to be placed carefully.

New bridge over motorway

It has now been lowered to the right place?

New bridge over motorway

It seems to be rather complicated to make such a new bridge…


White frost

White frost

As you might have noticed, we have had a green winter till now in Denmark, but the last few days has been cold – with white frost, as can be seen above and below.


Salløv is in the background.





Then they left


After visiting Roskilde last saturday, Queen Margrethe left Roskilde Cathedral…


and all the royal visitors left Roskilde by train.


Some “Roskildensers” left sitting, biking or walking…


Visiting King Fredereik IX grave


Members of the Royal Family visting Roskilde last saturday.


The Crown Prince Couple


Frederik and Mary also visited Roskilde saturday.


Princess Benedikte and Queen Annemarie

Queens sisters

Queens sisters

Saturday Queen Annemarie and Princess Benedikte and their husbands also visited Roskilde.


Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Prince Henrik

Dronning i 40 år

Dronningen og Prinsgemalen

As mentioned yesterday our Queen Margrethe has been Queen 40 years. Here are a few more photos from the visit at her fathers grave in Roskilde saturday.


Queen 40 Years

Queen 40 years

Yesterday King Frederik IX died 40 years ago. The Queen and the Royal family visted his grave outside Roskilde Cathedral.

Today Margrethe II has been Queen 40 years.

Photos from yesterday will be shown at the blog the next week.


Brordrup – last photos, week 2



The last two photos from Brordrup. The red sign tells “Dont walk at the ice”. The winter is still green.

Today King Frederik IX died 40 years ago. Take a look tomorrow…


Brordrup – photo 5, week 2


Yesterdays photo was from the same street, but in the ohter direction. The street, Brordrup Bygade, is reather short.


Brordrup – photo 4, week 2


At the walk round Brordrup, this is a one view of one the the farms.


Brordrup – day 3, week 2


My tour to Brordrup also showed two horses enjoying the winter-grass. Notice the car in the background, at that road I often take a walk.


Brordrup – photo 2, week 2


Yesterday I explained my weekly theme idea. Here is the second photo. It seems to be cold and wet to be a cow…


Brordrup – week 2, 2012

Readers might have noticed that a photo a day at this blog has not been a reality. So has it been, and it can happen again. But – I have been thinking how to solve the problem in 2012. The decision is to have a weekly theme. There are many small villages in Roskilde municipality and it should be possible to make 7 photos if a village is visited.

The theme for week 2 is: Brordrup. Yesterday I was there, seven shots were made – and here is the first one. Brordrup is to the right (the farm that is seen is in Ramsømagle). The cattle enjoy the green danish winter.

Cattle in Brordrup

Brordrup is a few houses and a few farms 1 kilometre west of Gadstrup. If you want an overview, I have made a photo from the south, take a look at Brordrup.


The end of the Christmas Tree


The purpose of the trees has come to an end…


30 kilometre from Copenhagen

Kilomestersten i Roskilde

This stone is standing in Roskilde 30 km from a particular stone in Copenhagen. It is standing 129 meters before the 4 mile-stone at the same street in Roskilde.

Take a look at the mentioned stones here.

This photo is from the archives – the weather is very dark and wet these days in Denmark.