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New bridge over motorway

Many years ago the road from Copenhagen to Ringsted passed through Roskilde. Now part of this street is for pedestrians. The motorway passing Roskilde just south of the city was build to avoid the increasing number of cars passing through the city. For years this motorway has been unable to let the traffic pass smoothly. A widening of the motorway has taken place the last years and should be finished this year. The bridges over the motorway has to be adopted to the new reality. Very often I have passed the bridge at Køgevej in my car thinking I should walk and take some photos of the replacement of two old bridges with two new ones.

The other day I walked to the bridge south of the railstation. It was one of the dark winterdays we have seen very often this winter – and today I show you a few shots from the northern part of the east-bridge (you see traffic passing at the west-bridge).

New bridge over motorway

The new bridge has to be placed carefully.

New bridge over motorway

It has now been lowered to the right place?

New bridge over motorway

It seems to be rather complicated to make such a new bridge…


jacklymartin said...

I have approved the link at Køgevej in my car considering I should move and take some photographs of the alternative of two old connects with two new ones.

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Carry Bacot said...

Yeah, there's often a ton of work when it comes to bridge building. It has to be a convenience, after all, for pedestrians and cars. The location where the bridge must be put should be precise, so that it won't be an obstacle during a commute.