This is a typical springsituation. The bees are at work. This one is landing on my wall in a moment as the shadow shows.


Gadstrup Rail Station

Yesterday I got an email from USA. I was asked if I knew anything about a station master from the beginning of 1900. He was the great granfather of the mailers husband. I don’t know anything of Ole Toppenberg, who was the boss of my local station at that time – but I will look for information.

Here a two photos of the station from today – the first as it looks from my garden. The second was shot this morning from the other side.

Rail Station Gadstrup

Rail Station Gadstrup, Denmark


Stevns Klint

Stevns KlintStevns Klint

6 members of the family did a walking tour at Stevns Klint today – this is an outstanding piece of danish nature. Part of the old chuch fell into the sea in 1928. Take a look at Stevns Klint and read a little more.


Yesterdays photo was a potato

For new potatos

This has not much to do with Roskilde – but, these potatos will soon grow in Roskilde, in my garden. Yesterdays photo was part of the lowest potato to  the left. The potatos to the lef is King Edward (in my childhood pronounced “ki-nedvard”) and to the right you see Agata, an early potato.