Sailboat at Roskilde Fjord

Sailboat Roskilde Fjord

First to the right.

Sailboat at Roskilde Fjord

Then to the left – with better wind.


Witch in Lamppost


This witch is wailing in a lamppost to ride on her broomstick to Brocken, Harz at saturday.



Bubble bath?





Barbara and Dennis visiting Roskilde


After a visit in Gadstrup Barbara and Dennis visited Roskilde Cathedral – here with the church in the background.


A Great-grandson visits Gadstrup Rail Station

Barbara and Dennis visiting Gadstrup

This is Barbara and Dennis visiting Gadstrup Train Station a few days ago. They live near Chicago.
A month ago I got a very short email from Barbara. She asked: "Do you know anything of Ole Toppenberg, who was stationmaster at Gadstrup station in 1920? He was my husbands great-grandfather.
I did not know anything at that time, but I tried to look into the census from 1921. Nothing was found. But there was a solution. In a book about Gadstrup, I could read that Gadstrup station was in the municipality of Snoldelev and not in Gadstrup. Funny, but so it was.
Now I could find Ole Toppenborg in the census from 1921 as well as 1925 and 1930. He and the family had their home at the station.
Barbara got the information as well as other informations I found.
Barbara and Dennis has planned a genealogical trip for some time - and we met in Gadstrup having fine hours together.
Below you see Ole Toppenberg, Dennis’ great-grandfather, and Gadstrup station around 1920. You also find other photos from the visit.

Ole Toppenberg abt 1933Gastrup train stationBarbara and Dennis visiting GadstrupBarbara and Dennis visiting Gadstrup

Barbara and Dennis visiting GadstrupBarbara and Dennis visiting Gadstrup