Autumn Bliss

After a few days with lots of rain, the sun was shining from the blue sky this morning – and, as can be seen, there are still at least one raspberry in the garden.


Pear Rust (Gymnosporangium sabinae)

I have a lot of pear rust at to trees in my garden. Today I shot these twwo photos of the rust at the backside of the leaves.

Pear rust (Gymnosporangium sabinae)Gymnosporangium sabinae


Gadstrupløbet 2012

Gadstrup Idrætsforening (Gadstrup Athletic Association) celebrates its first 100 years these days. Congratulation.

Today members participated in a street race through Gadstrup. Here are some impressions.

Gadstrupløbet 2012025

A few seconds after start.

Gadstrupløbet 2012045

Along the church.

Gadstrupløbet 2012094

The winners of 5 km.

Gadstrupløbet 2012173

All runners were winners.

Gadstrupløbet 2012170

A tough winner.

Gadstrupløbet 2012147

A proud winner.

Gadstrupløbet 2012141

Explosive winners.

Gadstrupløbet 2012102

Wonderful to be a winner.

Gadstrupløbet 2012213

After winning.

Jeg håber alle accepterer at være vist her – ellers send en mail (se page: contact) og billedet vil blive fjernet.