Last Day 2013

Blik mod Ramsømagle

The sun is shining this last day in 2013, here between Gadstrup and Ramsømagle.

My phone tells me it is New Years Eve the whole day.

Alle the best for today and 2014.


A Boat After Storm?

Roskilde havn

In the first week of december, we had a storm called Bodil in Denmark. The water in Roskilde Fjord was 2,06 meter higher than normal.

Is the boat at the grass an effect of that storm? I don’t know, but why should it be there if not. The little photo is from nearly the same position long before the water peaked december 6th.

Højvande i Roskilde Fjord


Merry Christmas from Roskilde Daily Photo

Christmastree in Roskilde

Merry Christmas everyone who celebrates these days. This is one of the Christmastrees in Roskilde, standing at Hestetorvet.


Christmas in Roskilde

Christmas in Roskilde

Algade in Roskilde at a grey day.


Storm and Storm Surge December 6th and 7th 2013

Højvande i Roskilde Fjord

A long lasting storm has passed Denmark and the surrounding countries a few days ago. A lot of damage, including damage caused by storm surge at many places, are seen. Many high-water records are noticed. Roskilde Fjord peaked 2,06 meter over normal. My photos was taken at 10 AM friday, but later it was a lot worse.

Højvande i Roskilde Fjord

The Viking Ship Museum to the left was under pressure from the water and precautions was taken. At the museum homepage there are several photos and a short video, see Viking Ship Museum. Later the museum was surrounded by water.



Heavy Storm Over Denmark

Stormfældet træ

A  heavy storm has hit Denmark today. This tree in Roskilde could not stand against natures forces.


Roskilde Fjord

Roskilde Fjord

It would have been nice to be the owner of a boat the other day. The weather was lovely – sunshine and no wind.


Snoldelev ends here


Snoldelev is a small village in Roskilde. This is how it looks when you are leaving Snoldelev heading west. The signs tells you that you can drive a little faster.




The other day I met this little bull when I was walking at the Path of the Gods.


Pumpkins For Sale

Pumpkins for decoration

These pumpkins for decoration are not Halloween-coloured.



G. Vor Frue Kirke Roskilde

Today the weather should have been grey with lots of rain. Instead the sun shined tis morning in Roskilde. Here is a look at Fruegade with Gammel Frue Kirkes tower to the left.


Snoldelev Church

Snoldelev kirke

Snoldelev kirke

Sometimes we take a walk called “Around Snoldelev” Thats a walk of a little more than an hour and 7700 steps. To day – for the first time – my wife and I went into the churchyard. It was a good experience, nice and quiet, sitting on a bench for a short time, we enjoyed the sun and the place.

Snoldelev church is from around 1100.


Roskilde Airshow 2013

Roskilde Airshow 2013

Roskilde Airshow 2013 has been visible (with sound) in  this weekend. Here a F-16 from Belgian Air Force

Roskilde Airshow 2013


Summer has changed to danish summer

July has been fantastic. Dry, hot and lots of sunshine.

Now we have a more usual danish summer – sun, rain, wind.


Rain and sun in the garden.


There was not much rain in that cloud.


Hedeland 2


A little reailroad runs in Hedeland.


Hedeland A Day In February


If raw materials are removed from the landscape wounds are the result. If that landscape are rebuild, you have an recreational construction. Near Roskilde – and partly owned by Roskilde municipality – are Hedeland, a very large area of changed nature, giving room for many activities. A few days ago we were 5 persons walking in a little part of it for 2 hours – enjoying the winter. Here is the amphitheatre to the left. It is used for opera some evenings during the summer. You kan get an impression of Hedeland here, by scrolling one page down. Notice the meters lowest at the page, giving an impression of the largeness of the area..


Theme day: Umbrellas

Walking in the rain

Out for a walk in the rain.

You will find more umbrallas here.


Houses at Køge Harbour

Houses at Køge Harbour

You find restaurants in many of the houses at Køge harbour.


The Comfortable Køge-chair by Allan Olsen

Del af Den magelige Køge-stol af Allan Olsen

The comfortable Køge-chair is made by Allan Olsen. The chair is placed near Køge River and I like to take a look at this piece of art whenever I pass. A few days ago the wintersun did shine at the chair. Here you see the face and below the whole chair. What do you think?

Den magelige Køge-stol af Allan Olsen


Køge Harbour With Ice

Ice Køge Harbour

It has been cold in Denmark – and you ice in Køge harbour.




From my garden.


It Is Cold To Be A Bird

Birds at birch

This birch is just before the railroad in Gadstrup. The black birds are enjoying the sun on this cold winterday.

The company is called Danish Agro. They have just made a new advertising-paper, Ny avis på gaden … (New paper at the street), which means everyone has got it in the mailbox.

I do certainly not understand the tendency in Denmark to think danes only understand english headlines – so thank you for a headline in danish.

Gadstrup Rail Station

Gadstrup Rail Station

A winter day on the way to Roskilde.


Between Ramsømagle and Gadstrup

Vinter i Ramsømagle

This is shot near Ramsømagle – Gadstrup is in the background.


It Is Winter These Days

Vinter i Gadstrup

Despite the hard winter these days, we go out for a walk – this view is just outside Gadstrup on the way to Ramsømagle.




This is the birch just outside at wintertime. Yesterday morning temperature was –16 degr. Celsius. Here is the birch a sunny autumn-day.




Yesterday evening we got some snow here (and a lot more during the night). This is the lamppost just outside my house – shot using tele and flash. The lamppost isn’t upright – I think is has been hit by a car long time ago.


Winter again

Winter is back

We had +temperature for at period, but now the winter has come back, we have –temperature again.  The rear clouds are with snow, just a little. The stick is for the driver of the snowplow, so he can see where the road is. If there are a lot of snow. This photo is shot between Gadstrup and Ramsømagle.




The other day I was the one who should visitors at the exhibition mentioned the last few days. This was what I saw when I was sitting.


Artist Kate

Kate Piil
Kate is one of the Artists of the Month participating in the combined exhibition at Roskilde Library at the moment. She was not present when yestersdays photo was shot. Here she is in front of one of her paintings. You can watch that painting below. More information at Kate Piil (in Danish). She tells about many activities and interests, but the most timeconsuming is her horses.
One of the artists are present at the exhibition in the opening hours and Kate was my successor yesterday. She kindly said yes to this mini-portrait.
Kate Piil painting


Artists of the Month 2012

Månedens kunstnere
As mentioned yesterday an exhibition of works of artists of the month are to be seen at Roskilde Library these days. Here are eight of us.
Stading from left:
Steen Jespersen
Per M. Jacobsen
Hanne Christensen
Mauritz Tchikai
Sitting from left:
Bodil Poulsen (fremhæv navnet)
Bente Christensen
Vivi Lindegaard
Jørgen Carlsen
Not present at this photo:
Dorthe Aggebo
Kate Piil


Exhibition–Artists of the Month 2012

Roskilde Library has every month an exhibition of works of the Artist of the Month. I was so in october 2012.

Now most artist from 2012 show some works at an exhibition at Roskilde Library from January 10th – 20th.

One of my photos are this great tit shot in my garden just after the very first 10 meters flight.