The Comfortable Køge-chair by Allan Olsen

Del af Den magelige Køge-stol af Allan Olsen

The comfortable Køge-chair is made by Allan Olsen. The chair is placed near Køge River and I like to take a look at this piece of art whenever I pass. A few days ago the wintersun did shine at the chair. Here you see the face and below the whole chair. What do you think?

Den magelige Køge-stol af Allan Olsen


krisz fu said...

interesting installation!
why was it there?

Jørgen Carlsen said...

Allan Olsen hasa the idea that a characteristic background from Køge should be part of the motive when children and adults are photographed in the chair.
The city council has decided it should be placed where it is.

Gunn said...

The chair is unique. Her face looks a bit scared.
I guess it is a popular place to have pictures taken.