Snoldelev Church

Snoldelev kirke

Snoldelev kirke

Sometimes we take a walk called “Around Snoldelev” Thats a walk of a little more than an hour and 7700 steps. To day – for the first time – my wife and I went into the churchyard. It was a good experience, nice and quiet, sitting on a bench for a short time, we enjoyed the sun and the place.

Snoldelev church is from around 1100.


Roskilde Airshow 2013

Roskilde Airshow 2013

Roskilde Airshow 2013 has been visible (with sound) in  this weekend. Here a F-16 from Belgian Air Force

Roskilde Airshow 2013


Summer has changed to danish summer

July has been fantastic. Dry, hot and lots of sunshine.

Now we have a more usual danish summer – sun, rain, wind.


Rain and sun in the garden.


There was not much rain in that cloud.